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Grabber Screws – Quality Professional Grade Fasteners

Quality every step of the way: The reason the pros choose Grabber.

Grabber sweats the small stuff, and that makes all the difference.

The professional’s first choice for over 40 years, Grabber premium quality screws are built for performance. Sharper threads mean a better driving experience, so Grabber changes thread dies more frequently. Tight recesses mean screws are less likely to cam-out and bit tips will last longer, so Grabber changes recess dies more frequently. Consistent heat treating means screw heads will be less likely to pop off if they are too hard, or twist if they are too soft, so Grabber heat treats fewer screws at a time, ensuring more even heat treatment. These are small things most people don’t notice, but they are also small things that make the difference between average fasteners and professional grade fasteners.

Grabber approved manufacturing facility.

To ensure the highest quality, Grabber’s approved mill keeps tight control over all production standards. Grabber’s mill is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ICC-certified compliant and includes a comprehensive quality control department. Grabber works closely with the mill’s extensive research and development laboratory ensuring Grabber fasteners always lead in technology.

Grabber screws are made using the highest cold headed wire available

  • Other mills use lower grade wire to save cost

Grabber changes heading dies sooner to ensure more consistently shaped heads

  • Other mills use heading dies up to 20% longer

Grabber changes the heading punch more frequently to ensure a tighter recess

  • Other mills use heading punches much longer resulting in screws that are more prone to cam-outs

Grabber changes the thread rolling die more frequently ensuring sharper threads and points

  • Other mills use the thread rolling die much longer resulting in inconsistent threads and points

Consistent heat treating is a critical step in achieving uniform hardness. Grabber controls the belt speed and screw thickness on the belt throughout the heat treating process ensuring consistent hardness

  • Most other mills use sub-contractors that often vary screw thickness on the belt resulting in a mix of brittle and soft screws

Continuous quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process

  • Most other mills do not inspect screws as they are manufactured

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