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Paslode 16 Gauge Angled Lithium-Ion – IM250A LI

The first thing Paslode gained by using a Lithium-Ion battery is a lighter weight tool.  The new tool weighs 4.5 lbs (old tool was 4.75lbs).   The new Lithium-Ion tool also means more shots per charge.  The 50% increase in shots per charge is impressive and a huge benefit for the end user (6,000 vs. 4,000 shots).

The battery charge time is also reduced.  The battery charges in 20 minutes.  There is also a quick charge feature that will get you 200 shots with a 2 minute charge.  The last important item with the Lithium-Ion is a slower self discharge rate, which means when you forget to take the battery out or the tool has been sitting around for a while; you don’t have to worry about a dead battery.   Paslode also created a two position battery compartment.  With the current tool, leaving a battery in will discharge the battery much quicker.  With the new system, you can still leave the battery in place, but all you have to do is move it back one position to the off position (no discharge) and you’re ready to store the tool.

When you pick up this tool, you will notice the great balance of the nailer.  Not too front or back heavy, which means less fatigue.  One reason for the great balance is a new design of the handle.  The new handle is straighter than the older version which gives the user better finger grip and more wrist comfort.

When you’re using the tool a couple things you will notice right away is the line of sight which is increased due to the new design of the contact probe.  You can see that the contact probe is aimed behind the tool instead of the front of the tool.  Paslode also redesigned their no-mar tip for a better hold.

Adjusting the depth of drive is also very easy to do on this tool.  There is a large thumb wheel that is very easy to turn, even with gloves.

The new tool has a full one year warranty that covers wear and tear components, bumper, driver blades, seal rings and piston rings.  There is also a five year extended warranty.

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