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Our Mission: Rid the World of Bubbles

Join Packaging Incorporated in ridding the world of plastic bubble packaging!

Have you ever seen a roll of plastic bubble packaging? If you haven’t, imagine a huge roll that you’ve got to have Sasquatch arms to hang on to. Not only are these rolls hard to deal with, but they take up a lot of room both when they’re being shipped and when they’re on your shelves. They’re bulky, the bubbles pop during shipping, and they’re just a pain to use!

At Packaging Incorporated, we’re tired of big, bulky rolls of plastic. That’s why we, along with Geami, are ridding the world of bubbles, one package at a time!

Imagine three huge rolls of bubbles. Now, imagine one small box that contains three rolls worth of bubbles. Sound appealing? Now imagine that what’s inside that box is 100% compostable. Yep, we thought we’d get your attention with that one. Oh, and one more thing – there’s no machine needed! Meet Geami GreenWrap ExBox.

Packaging Incorporated is partnering with Geami on the latest in a line of paper-based protective packaging. Geami GreenWrap ExBox makes it even easier to use this 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper packaging.

Benefits of GreenWrap ExBox:

  • Arrives in a compact, unexpanded configuration which reduces inbound shipping costs
  • Less storage space needed in your facility due to its small footprint
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for other packaging materials
  • Eliminates the need for a machine
  • Supports green initiatives
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