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Bullet Tool’s new siding shears are aimed at saving you time and money!

Tired of struggling with a 4/12 pitch on 8-inch fiber cement siding? Struggle no more!  Packaging Incorporated now stocks a complete line of Bullet Tool siding shears.Bullet Tools Shear SST26 at Packaging Incorporated

Bringing one-of-a-kind capability to siding installation tools and a heavy duty cutting tool to thicker hardwood flooring, Bullet Tools just launched a new installation cutting tool for siding  — the EZ Shear SST 26.   The tool is made in the USA and designed to save installation time and money.  Now available at Packaging Incorporated!

The new EZ Shear SST 26 is the only tool on the market that can cut a 4/12 pitch on 8-inch fiber cement siding while producing a very clean edge and no air born dust. It is ideal for cutting fiber cement, vinyl, LP smartside and cedar siding as well as exterior trim products up to 26 inches. With a blade that outlasts traditional saw blades 20 to 1, this tool also features an infinitely adjustable fence that can be changed to accommodate different angle needs. The mounting brackets included allow easy attachment to a saw stand or cutting table.

Another unique feature of the EZ Shear SST 26 is a power mode that can be engaged and disengaged, providing extra leverage. This one-of-a-kind feature helps reduce fatigue by providing varying degrees of leverage coupled with the ability to cut up to one and one-eighth inches (29mm.) This allows trim products and foam-backed vinyl siding to easily cut without sacrificing low-end torque for 4/12 rake cuts on fiber cement.

To purchase the EZ Shear SST 26 from Packaging Incorporated, visit our online store!

Based in Hayden, ID, Bullet Tools is an innovative tool manufacturing company focused on developing revolutionary cutting solutions that improve efficiency, safety and accuracy in the flooring, siding and insulation industries. Founded in 1998 by Dalen and Mary Gunn, Bullet Tools is recognized globally for its contribution to “green” installation solutions that rely on creative engineering rather than electricity.

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