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Knowledge Mapping Packaging Materials

Whether you’re in the grocery store choosing between soup in cans or plastic bowls, or you’re choosing what kind of packaging to use to send out your Christmas gifts this year, or you’re a company deciding on what packaging materials to use to send out your products, you probably wonder a couple things: Which is better for the environment? Which better ensures that what’s inside still tastes good, or isn’t broken? Which is better for my wallet?

AMERIPEN, the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment, aims to answer all of these questions with their new interactive knowledge mapping tool. With it, you can see data for six packaging materials: aluminum, glass, paper, plastic, steel, and wood. Data you can look at includes the quality of the material, its financial impact, its environmental impact, how easy it is for the general population to recycle it, and more.


Interested in trying it out? Try it here:

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