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Your Guide to All Things Staples

Buying staples can be a little bit confusing. What’s the difference between a wide crown staple and a medium crown staple? Whether you need to make pallets, boxes, furniture frames, cabinets, or just install some moulding in your home, you’re probably wondering which type of staple and which gauge is right for your application.

Well, here’s an overview of what each type of staple is used for and links to buy the staples and corresponding staple guns. Of course, the best way to find the best staple for your application is to give our staple experts a call!

Wide Crown, Narrow Crown, Medium Crown, Fine Wire Staples

Types of Staples

Wide Crown Staples

Wide crown staples are typically large, heavy-duty staples. They’re mostly used in applications where the staples just have to work, without looking pretty. These staples are used in construction applications, such as roofing, house wrap and truss construction. Wide Crown Staples are also used for furniture frames and cabinet frames, and carton-to-skid attachment in packaging.

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Medium Crown Staples

Medium crown staples typically have more uses then their wide crown brothers. They play a big role in home construction, as they’re used for cedar shingles, fascia and soffits, fencing, floor underlayment, and siding. Like wide crown staples, they too can be used in furniture and cabinet frames. Medium Crown Staples are also used in pallets, crates, and boxes.

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Narrow Crown Staples

Narrow crown staples have a narrower scope of where they’re used, but can be used in more “delicate” applications, like installing moulding, trim, and lattice. They’re used in cabinet and drawer making, as well as for fascia and soffits. Their narrow crown make them more easily hidden than their wide and medium crown brothers.

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Fine Wire Staples

Our selection of fine wire staples consists of all staples made from lighter than 18-gauge wire. These staples can be used in much more delicate applications, such as the vinyl and trim on vehicles, as well as picture frames and upholstery.

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Specialty Staples

At Packaging Incorporated, we carry specialty staples to make sure we can provide you with the right staple for your application. Our specialty staples include corrugated metal fasteners used to splice dimensional lumber, as well as carton-closing staples.

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Need Help?

We want to help you find the right fastener for your unique application. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or you need help choosing a staple or stapler, contact us today! Our packaging and fastening experts are awaiting your questions.

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Your Guide to Staples: Fine Wire vs. Wide Crown vs. Naroow Crown

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