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Cynch Water Activated Tape: Sealing Your Recycled Corrugated Cartons is a Cynch!

Cynch water activated tape offers:

  • A pilfer-proof bond for security – Kraft tape bonds with all types of corrugated and will be ruined upon removal.
  • A wide workable temperature range – not affected by hot or cold like other “clear” carton-closing tapes.
  • Durability and strength – cross directional fiberglass yarns provide an added measure of strength.
  • Dusty and dirty conditions are not a problem for the starch-based adhesive.
  • Environmentally friendly – reinforced tapes are considered “recycling-friendly”.
  • E-Z starter tab with a larger core for less curl and shear cut for outstanding appearance.

 If you are currently using:

  • Intertape® Legend or Medallion Reinforced Tapes
  • Central® 233, 235 or 240 Water Activated Tapes
  • Uline® Economy or Industrial Kraft Sealing Tapes

Give Cynch a try and discover the savings at $4.59/roll!

Visit our online store to snatch up this innovative tape product: #C70450WAT – Cynch 70mm x 450’ Standard Water-Activated Tape

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