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GREEN Doesn’t Always Mean EXPENSIVE

Cynch Hybrid Stretch FilmTypically when you think of a “green” product, you automatically think more expensive.  Performance, or lack of performance, is another thought that comes to mind when we hear about a green product.

Packaging Incorporated and Alliance Plastics have teamed up to provide a green solution that not only saves money, but performs in all applications. Cynch Hybrid bundling stretch films utilize state-of-the-art resin blends and extrusion technology to provide consistency, value, and ultra-high performance bundling films.

Using the latest stretch film technology, Cynch Hybrid creates the same force-to-load as conventional film but with up to 45% less film. That is 45% less waste in your dumpsters and land fill.

Cynch Hybrid stretch wrap is greener, less costly, and it is ergonomically friendly. With a roll weight that’s 20-25% less than standard rolls, your employees will find the film easier to use and less risky for fatigue injuries.

When you pair Cynch Hybrid bundling film with a GOODWRAPPERS® hand braking system equivalent, you get the ultimate in performance and savings.

CYNCH® is Packaging Incorporated’s private labeled solution for strapping, stretch wrapping, taping and edge protection.

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