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Stretch Film Cost Increases Getting You Down?

At the end of January, all major stretch film manufactures passed on a 6-7% increase.  This was due to rising feed stock costs and improving market demand.  Increases are always an issue, as they stretch your packaging budget.Stretch Wrap

The question is, what can you do?

  • Easiest thing to do is buy ahead.  If you are dealing with a true supplier partner, they will educate you when these increases are coming, so you can plan accordingly.  This is a wise short term fix.
  • Go out and get quotes.  You will find professional “quoters” that live by the motto “me too less 5”.  Meaning they will offer a comparable product 5% cheaper.  The problem here is that you are not building a relationship, and this will also be a short term fix.
  • The best idea is ,instead of squeezing your supplier’s price, try squeezing their intellectual output.  View your sales rep as a packaging consultant and a partner in your business.  They can bring new ideas that will not only help you deal with increases but could actually decrease your overall spend.

Packaging Incorporated has many products and ideas that can help you offset these price increases.  Here are five new stretch wrap ideas that can help you save $$$!

  • Cynch high performance cast stretch film – If you have down gauged in the past, we can take you farther.  This film utilizes the newest proprietary resin technology and manufacturing process to produce the thinnest, strongest stretch wrap in the industry.
  • Galewrap-oriented stretch wrap – enables you to use half the film with half the effort while delivering twice the force to your load.
  • Muller ST Machine stretch wrap – gives you a superior blown film that is as quiet as a cast film.  You can achieve 300% pre-stretch level with a TRUE one-sided cling stretch wrap.
  • Cynch hybrid bundling films – creates the same force-to-load as conventional film but with 45% less stretch wrap.
  • When was the last time your equipment was serviced or the pre-stretch level was tested?  This should be tested once per year to make sure you are not needlessly wasting stretch wrap.  With a properly running machine, you can reduce your film consumption by over 50%!
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