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Why More Companies Should Turn to Crating as a Packaging Option

A guest post whitepaper excerpt from Fasco America®


Many product manufacturers believe that choosing wood crating for product shipment applications is prohibitively expensive, so they spend a lot of time looking for cheaper alternatives that simply don’t protect their products as well. Wooden crates have traditionally been somewhat labor intensive to produce, and take up as much space on a return trip as when they were filled with product. That’s all changed with a line of new crate fasteners from Fasco America® called SCRAIL®.  SCRAIL®, Jumbo SCRAIL®, and Mini-SCRAIL®crate fasteners feature the best qualities of a screw and a nail, which opens up brand new options for crate construction.

Though there can be some specific application advantages to cardboard and even plastic crate construction, the tank-like solid surface strength of genuine wood crating is often one of the smartest and most cost-effective solutions available for product shipping. After all, even the best product can leave a sour taste with retailers and consumers if it arrives damaged, and wood crates can usually deliver a better combination of efficiency and content protection than any other material. This combination of attributes becomes even stronger with SCRAIL® , Jumbo SCRAIL®, and Mini-SCRAIL® crate fasteners.  Examples of these fasteners, including the Fasco 3 x .113 Versa Drive and the Fasco 1-3/4” x .113 Square Drive Coil Scrails, are carried by Packaging Incorporated.

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