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Hand Grade Polyester Strapping

Polyester StrappingBuying hand grade polyester strapping can be a tricky. If you set out to get the lowest priced strapping, you can easily end up in a situation with a very low quality polyester strapping that doesn’t seal well, breaks, splits or is difficult to work with. On the other hand, if you are looking for high quality strapping, you will probably end up with a strap specified to run in power strapping machines. Machine grade should hold up well, but most people do not find the pricing to be so attractive.

Packaging Incorporated has isolated the important attributes of a high quality, hand grade polyester strapping, while leaving out the processes and additives needed for machine grade strap and keeping the price competitive. What we offer is our private label Cynch® brand hand grade polyester. Cynch® is made to our specifications to perform well in battery-operated tooling and other hand applications.

We are also having a lot of success with Signode embossed polyester strapping. Signode has recently introduced this product with hand grade applications in mind.

Whether you need Signode, Cynch®, Polychem or strapping tools, Packaging Incorporated has got you covered! Visit our online store to shop all our strapping products, view our strapping page to learn a bit more about each kind, and contact us today for help with choosing which strap is right for your application!

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