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Annoying Plastic Packaging

Plastic Clamshell Packaging

We’ve all been there: that point when you’re at war with an annoying plastic package, and losing. It’s called clamshell packaging, and it’s used to package everything from small electronic gadgets to toys and batteries. Although some companies are introducing easy-to-open versions of clamshell packaging that have perforations, you can still find many products encased in this seemingly impenetrable forcefield of plastic.

So, how do you get it open? Many of us have gotten cut or scratched by either the tool we choose to open the packaging with, or the sharp edges of the plastic itself. According to MoneyTalksNews, “The Consumer Product Safety Commission attributes 2,800 trips to the emergency room to plastic packaging between 2003 and 2012. Most injuries involved a knife.”

The folks at MoneyTalksNews made a video and article with tips about how to get these terrible packages open – watch it here:

Geami Paper Packaging

At Packaging Incorporated, we hate unfriendly packaging. Yes, packaging needs to be strong and serve its purpose – keeping something protected/together until it arrives at its destination. But that doesn’t mean it should be unfriendly to the end user! That’s why we carry products, like Geami, that are incredibly easy to pack with, do a fabulous job at keeping things protected, and look great and aren’t annoying for the end user.

Plastic Packaging Image Credit: cogdogblog

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