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Common Uses For PAMTite Glue

Pam Flooring DemoThe most common uses for PAMTite glue are hot applications for carpet tack strips on concrete, starter and last rows of hardwood flooring, board replacement in hardwood floors, stair nosing, ceramic tile replacement, ceramic tile starting rows on walls, vinyl cove base, putting trim up in steel stud applications and Point of Purchase display manufacturers. PAMTite can be used anywhere PL400/Liquid Nails/Titebond are used.

In the hardwood industry, guys have to wait 24 hours to walk up and down stairs after applying the nosing with sub-floor adhesive. With PAMTite, the wait time is 5 minutes. The same goes for carpet tack strips – right now, carpet installers are “wasting” a day waiting for adhesives to dry. If they use PAMTite, tack strip and carpet can be installed the same day! I had a flooring guy yesterday buy one to set his bottom row for tile on a wall. He said they too need to wait for the quick set to fully cure (about a day) before they can start laying the rest of the tile up the wall or the all the tile starts to settle.  When using PAMTite, they only need to wait 5 minutes (8 minutes for PAMTite Plus).

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