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Bullet Tools 13″ EZ Shear Flooring Cutter: “I Want That!”

This is a guest blog post from the folks at Bullet Tools.Bullet Tools EZ Shear

Do you ever see a great tool or a groundbreaking gadget and think “I Want That”?

We do! And we feed our hunger for cool things with a terrific DIY Network show called “I Want That.”  It’s a fast-paced preview of the latest and greatest building products featuring the newest, neatest and hottest innovations for our homes and workshops!

Take a look at some amazing “must-have” products by tuning in to “I Want That.” Click on the video below and you’ll see what we mean. In just sixty seconds, the 13” EZ Shear Flooring Cutter by Bullet Tools becomes a “must have” for anyone installing laminate or engineered wood floors.

First, you’ll watch the unnecessary hassle of using a traditional circular saw – the set-up, safety gear, noise and dust. THEN, you’ll see the unbelievable ease, accuracy, safety, and time-savings the cordless/dustless 13” EZ Shear Flooring Cutter provides. This amazing tool, that comes in both 13” and 20” sizes, allows you to cut where you work and work where you cut. Check it out in the Packaging Incorporated online store.

Check it out for yourself and see what we mean by watching this fun video:

Recognized as the global pioneer of research-driven, fixed-blade cutting solutions, Bullet Tools is committed to its mission “to continually improve the lives and livelihoods of tradesmen across the globe by providing cutting-edge solutions”.

Find the 13″ EZ Shear and the 20″ EZ Shear in Packaging Incorporated’s online store.

For a look at other time and money-saving “must have” installation products designed to make your life easier, visit the Bullet Tools section in the Packaging Incorporated online store, head to www.bullettools.com or call 800-406-8998.

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