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Resetting a Signode BXT2 Battery Powered Plastic Strapping Tool

We have had a few Signode BXT2-16 plastic strapping tools come into our service department this week where the weld foot is stuck in the down position.  Here are a couple things to try before sending it in.

In some cases, it may not be possible to bring the welding unit back to its initial home position.

Resetting the BXT2-16 Strapping Tool

Important: Never try to lift the rocker lever with force.

The cause of the stuck weld foot may be one of the following:

  1. Interruption of the power supply during welding (battery becomes disconnected or may have a low battery)
  2. Activating the rocker lever with force during welding process (to protect the motor, it switches off due to over-current condition).
  3. Microswitch (part 103) is defective or broken – replace  switch
  4. PCB or wiring harness  is faulty – replace PC board or wiring harness


To reset  the the tool, it is equipped with a reset feature, as stated in chapter 6.3 in the operating instructions:

  1.  Switch to fully automatic mode.
  2. Press and hold the welding button, thereafter press the tension button.

The tool will now run the welding function and rotate the cam ring away from its stuck mid  position. However, the motors torque may not be sufficient to do so.  Do not try  this process more than 3 times within a short period, otherwise the motor may become damaged from overheating.

Manual Reset

If you have not been successful so far, and the rocker lever is still blocked, proceed as follows:

    1. Insert a 3mm Allen hex key  through the hole in front of the base plate and fully insert into socket head cap screw. Part 164.


  1. Turn 10 revolutions counterclockwise. Moderate effort may be needed to do so.
  2. Pull rocker lever, the weld shoe should swing up.

If this doesn’t rectify the problem the tool should be sent into our repair center for further inspection as there may be another cause as to why this is happening.

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