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Simple Paper Packaging Machine Adjustments

While servicing one of our paper packaging machines, I noticed it had a couple of small problems that I’d like to explain.

The main problem was that the machine would constantly cycle and not stay in the home position.  It was just a matter of adjusting the lever on the cutter knife home position switch as shown.


Now that the machine was running, I noticed if I pulled up slightly on the paper product exiting the chute, it would intermittently shut the machine down.  This is a safety lockout, and prevents people from placing their hand near the spinning crimping rollers or cutter knife if the chute isn’t fully inserted.  After disconnecting the power to the machine again I found that the switch lever needed adjusting as shown.

Safety switch location

The chute now contacts lever more securely

These two simple fixes prevented unnecessary down time for the customer, and the expense of having to ship the machine back to the manufacturer.

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