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Air Quality and Proper Air Pressure in Pneumatic Strapping Tools

The following is a guest post by Chuck Martin at Industrial Repair Services.

Is air quality and proper pressure all that important when operating pneumatic strapping tools?

Many customers don’t see the direct link between clean air and proper PSI on their source of air to the length and life on their pneumatic strapping tools. The customer’s tool repair costs could be reduced by something as simple as an air filter and pressure regulator at the point where their air hose plugs into their air supply.  I had three different PNSC-2-34 tools come in for repair from different customers.

Reasonably clean and normal wear

The picture above shows a tool that was reasonably clean with a round hole where the ram moves up and down.

Heavilly corroded

The second picture show a tool where water and other contaminates have entered the tool through the air line. The calcium and other deposits have caked every internal surface. The surface of the interior of the tool is pitted as the deposits actually eat into the casting.

I have seen air motors from this customer where the deposits left on the air motor cylinder had eaten away at the glass-smooth surface and scraped it out.

Ram damage

This is the most interesting picture of all. The bottom of the ram was broken where the link connects. The air pressure was so high that when the tool returned to the ready position, it drove the ram through the bottom of the cylinder making a round hole a rectangle. After over thirty years in the business, I have never seen this happen before.

Clean and regulated air is a cost cutter in the long run.

So yes, it does matter.

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