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Fromm Airpad 250: Adjust Air Pillow Size with the Touch of a Button

Fromm Airpad 250If you haven’t yet seen the Fromm Airpad 250 tabletop machine, hold on to your seats! Not only does it fit on a tabletop, but it can create air pillows ranging in size from 3 inches to 32 inches, and everywhere in between! Oh, and did we mention that the film is curbside recyclable? Yep, it just keeps getting better! These air pillows are perfect for void fill, blocking and bracing, and cushioning, and are super customizable to your unique packaging application.

Ready to see the magic? Watch below and then contact us today to find out if this machine is the right one for you! Or, head over to our Fromm Airpad page to see the other Fromm machines we have available.

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