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Why use the Paslode TetraGrip subfloor fastening system?

Paslode Tetragrip

Five Reasons to Use the Paslode Subfloor Fastening System

  1. Proven to eliminate subfloor nail squeaks
  2. Reduces costs due to warranty repairs
  3. Increases jobsite productivity
  4. Raises homeowner satisfaction
  5. Eliminates the need for adhesives

Why does it work better?

Manufactured with patented ITW WERC’s technology and a patent-pending barb-threaded design, the Paslode TetraGrip fastener rotates as it drives to bond with the wood fibers.  Here the technology behind this revolutionary squeak-stopping fastener:

  • Rotation without destruction – optimized barbed helix creates high rotational forces and minimal friction
  • Strong non-destructive wood interaction – efficient rotation eliminates wood destruction common in ring shank nails
  • Superior withdrawal resistance – barbed helix-to-wood engagement creates a high load capacity.

Paslode Subfloor Fastening System

The new Paslode TetraGrip subfloor fastener is used with the new subfloor air nailer (PF237C) to get maximum performance combined with superior productivity.  ICC-ES recognized, ESR-3071 (NAHB Research Center Tested – No Nail Squeak)


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