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Tape with Ease with Case Sealers

Highlight Case Sealer UM176TW

Let’s face it: taping your boxes and cases shut before they ship is probably one of the most mundane and un-exciting, maybe even time-consuming tasks you do during a day. If you’ve got a lot to do and are still taping by hand or using an outdated tool, this is for you!

Highlight Case Sealer MAG3500-TB-R

Once you’ve tried a case sealer, you’ll never want to tape another box by hand. These case sealers have easy adjustable side guides and top heads, and can seal 30 or 40 cartons per minute. Makes sealing cartons a lot less mundane, doesn’t it?

Highlight Case Sealer MAG1300-TB-U

Ready to browse our case sealers from brands like Highlight and Interpack? Head over to our online store! If you need help choosing the right one for your unique application, contact one of our case sealer experts today.

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