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Inside Senco: Exploring New DuraSpin Technology

The following is a guest post by Senco.

In 2000, Senco introduced its iconic DuraSpin screw system. This revolutionary system featured an auto-feed system offering users the ability to drive a high volume of screws while offering efficiencies that bulk screw fastening could not duplicate.

Fast forward to the present. Senco now has the most comprehensive line of auto-feed screw systems designed for maximum productivity. From drywall, subfloors, decking, cement board, underlayment, and metal framing to rigid foam insulation, even the toughest fastening tasks are short work for these all-in-one tools.

Senco DuraSpinThis spring, Senco introduced its next generation of Duraspin Technology.  Offering four new integrated 2” auto-feed screwdrivers in a traditional corded version as well as new, compact 18-volt Li-ion battery powered units that can drive between 500 to 700 screws per charge.  These tools are available in 2500 and 5000 RPM models for application specific torque and speed.

And to become the go-to product on the market, Senco raised the bar by adding two (3” battery and 3” corded) new integrated tools and two multiple configuration kits that are capable of driving 3” screws. These kits can be configured for standup applications, or utilize the bulk corded screwdrivers for multiple projects. Senco also released stand alone 2” and 3” attachments and adapters that allow users to turn most popular loose screwdrivers into auto feed screwguns.

DuraSpin systems increase screw fastening speeds by more than four times that of bulk screwdrivers and loose screws resulting in overall site productivity of 30% or more.

Senco has also upgraded the battery in the new cordless DuraSpin models, replacing the Ni-Cd 14.4V batteries used on earlier versions with the same 18V Li-ion battery that is used on Senco’s Fusion cordless pneumatic nailers. “Senco is streamlining the power platform to save our customers time and money,” says Senco product manager Mike Desmond.

Senco DuraSpin”Designed with end-users in mind, the DuraSpin line eliminates the need to load and position fasteners individually, minimizing screw waste and cutting down on installation time by up to 30 percent,” adds Desmond. “Senco is dedicated to increasing efficiencies that will help save our customers time and money.”

Design enhancements to the 2013 line include higher torque motors, application-specific tool speeds (2500 to 5000 RPM), a variable speed trigger with lock and reverse options, and a patent-pending corner-fit feed system, for better access and screw placement in tight spaces. A locking depth of drive adjustment regulates the precise depth needed for flush drives or countersinking screws.

Other DuraSpin features include a tool-free screw length adjustment and a belt hook. The tools are ergonomically designed for use with one hand, however, a cushioned second hand grip helps minimize wrist and arm fatigue by reducing the exertion needed to complete each drive.

“These new integrated tools and attachments are the go-to screw fastening solution for any job on the worksite. With minimal investment, pros will achieve maximum productivity,” says product manager Mike Desmond.

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For nearly 60 years, Senco has been recognized around the world as the leading name in fasteners and power fastening tools for use in wood-to-wood construction, remodeling and a variety of industrial applications. Senco’s comprehensive line of air- and battery-powered nailers, staplers and screwdrivers are available through professional distribution outlets in more than 40 countries. The company proudly manufactures more than 1,000 styles, types and sizes of fasteners in its Cincinnati, Ohio facility.

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