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AirPouch: Void Fill Packaging at Its Best

AirPouch-Express-3If you’re looking for versatility in void fill packaging, AirPouch might be just the product for you. At Packaging Incorporated, we carry a couple different AirPouch options: the AirPouch Express 3 and the AirPouch FastWrap system. Both systems are compact tabletop machines that can fit in small spaces, but they make a big impact on your packaging strategy.

AirPouch Express uses EZ-Tear air pillows, and can create air pillows at 50 feet per minute. The film is available in several options, which gives you the flexibility to choose the best one for your applications. The film also comes in a box instead of a roll, which makes it easier to handle, store and roll. Sound like something you have to see? Watch the demo video!

The AirPouch FastWrap is a bubble-on-demand system. It’s completely electric and can create bubbles OR tubes at a rate of 65 feet per minute. Yes, that means you can switch between bubbles and tubes with the push of a button! This model also features several film options, and they come in a box versus on a roll. This machine gives you such customizable packaging that it can be perfect for many void fill applications. Ready to see this machine in action? Watch the demo video below!

Interested in what AirPouch could do for your packaging bottom line? Give our void fill experts a call to learn more at 800-328-6650.

AirPouch Express

AirPouch FastWrap

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