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Bubble Wrap® – Does it deserve its own appreciation day?

Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day (BWAD) is another opportunity to tell you about Packaging Incorporated’s mission to Rid the World of Bubbles! Sure, Bubble Wrap® is a cleaner way to package if you compare it to packing peanuts, newspaper, chunks of cardboard or other miscellaneous fillers. But the truth is that when you use Bubble Wrap®, you are also using a product that takes up a lot of storage space, has bubbles that pop during shipping and is not biodegradable.

In a blog post several months ago we introduced a product that we distribute called Geami GreenWrap. The GreenWrap ExBox product is everything bubble is not. Three giant rolls of Bubble Wrap® are equal to one box of Geami GreenWrap. Size matters when space is limited. Another thing to point out is that when you use GreenWrap you need less packaging and it costs less for shipping. Bubbles may be fun to play with, but they are a little outdated in the world of packaging. Help us on our mission to Rid the World of Bubbles and try Geami GreenWrap for yourself.

(Bubble Wrap® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation)

Geami ExBox GreenWrap from Packaging Incorporated on Vimeo.

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