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PAMTite Adhesive Demonstration

Did you know that PAMTite adhesive is one of our most popular products? If you haven’t seen what it can do yet, it’s time! This tool can glue just about anything you need stuck. That includes hardwood flooring starter and last rows, carpet tack strips, ceramic wall tile starter rows, and more. “What’s the big deal?”, you ask? Well, with normal adhesives, you must wait 24 hours for them to dry completely. With PAMTite, that time is 5 minutes! Can you imagine installing tack strip and carpet on the same day? It’s possible with PAMTite! See it in action in the videos below, and call us at 800-328-6650 to talk about getting your hands on some. Or, check it out in our online store.

Derek Seals a Plastic Bag with PAMTite

PAMTite Adhesive System

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