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A Guide to Spec Matching by Packaging Incorporated

Spec Matching Guide by Packaging Incorporated

For many of our customers, spec matching is something they need to do on almost a day-to-day basis. When you need a tool, packaging supply or machine to fit certain specs or perform a specific duty, nothing is more important than getting all of the details right.

So, how do you go about finding exactly what you need? Do you type it in to your trusty friend, Google? Do you grab a catalog? Do you have the numbers of your favorite sales reps for what seems like 50 different supply stores on speed dial?

Whatever your method, we’ve got some tips for streamlining the spec matching process.

1. Determine exactly what you need. Instead of just having a product in mind, know exactly what you need the product to do, and how you need it to work. For instance, instead of just knowing you need 1 1/4″ steel strap, have some facts about your application on hand. How and when will the product be used?

2. Keep the numbers handy. Especially if you’re going to need something beyond the usual, gather together all the numbers you know. How much you need, size, strength, etc.

3. Don’t settle. If you’re planning on Google or Bing searching the item you need, don’t settle on something that’s only near to what you need because you’re fed up with searching and can’t find an exact match. Just because the big guys don’t have what you need doesn’t mean it can’t be found (or created) with a phone call to Packaging Incorporated.

4. Don’t be afraid to go custom or let someone change your mind. At Packaging Incorporated, we get calls and inquires all the time from people who come in for a specific product and end up with something much more suited for their application, and more efficient. Let us review your situation to decide if what you’re looking for is actually right for you, and then we’ll help you find it! If you’re nearby, we’ll even come out to your location!

To get started, review the products here on our site or head over to our online store to see what we have on hand. Then, give us a call and let us match your specs!

For more about the services we offer, visit our Value Added Services page.

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