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Packaging Incorporated is Now a Certified Polychem Warranty & Service Center

Polychem B1000We have some exciting news in the world of strapping equipment service!

We’d like to announce that we at Packaging Incorporated are now officially a certified Polychem  warranty and service center. That means that we can take care of warranty claims on B400, B800, B1000, PC1000 and most other Polychem equipment in-house!

For you, the end user, that translates to quick turnaround on warranty and service issues. Because Packaging Incorporated is the only distributor in the country authorized to do warranty work, it makes us the ultimate source for all of your Polychem and strapping service needs! Call us today for more information at 800-328-6650.

Polychem p1000Not only can we repair and service your Polychem machinery, but we also carry a large selection of strapping machinery and tools, as well as many varieties of strap. We’re also strapping experts, so we’d love to help you streamline your strapping process. Is there anywhere where you can save time and money? Give us your specs and details and we’ll analyze your unique situation!

Whether you need parts, tools, machinery, or packaging supplies, Packaging Incorporated can help. Call us today at 800-328-6650, learn more about our tool & equipment repair services, or visit our online store  to shop online.

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