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Converting from Steel Strapping to Polyester Strapping

Polyester StrappingRemember when you first looked into replacing steel strapping with polyester? Many of us thought it would never work! However, the fact is that today, most companies use polyester strapping over steel. Although Packaging Incorporated is still one of the larger steel strap suppliers in the country, we see our steel sales migrating to polyester sales more and more.

Steel StrappingSince so many of us thought polyester may not hold up the way steel did, we often converted to much heavier polyester strap than we really needed to get the job done. And why not? At the time it was a huge cost savings! Worker injuries so frequently caused by steel strap were eliminated, and we satisfied our customers who would no longer allow us to use steel. Again, why not play it safe with a heavy polyester until we got accustomed to it?

How long have you been using polyester now? Are your workers accustomed to it? Do you need to find ways to cut costs? Packaging Incorporated’s strapping experts can help! Contact us today for a full analysis and cost-cutting suggestions, not only in your strapping use, but across the whole packaging board. Call 800-328-6650 or contact us online.

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