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Mosca Fusion Strapping Machine

Mosca FusionWe are pleased to announce the addition of Mosca strapping equipment to the Packaging Incorporated strapping machine lineup. For anyone that knows strapping machines, Mosca is not a new name. They have been respected in the strapping industry for decades. If you still haven’t seen Mosca’s new Sonix technology, a demo should be in your future!

Dealing with a limited budget? Mosca had you in mind when they built the Mosca Fusion. Mosca took their time-tested technology and put it into a no nonsense, easy to use, walk-up strapping machine. The idea behind the Fusion was to bring you a high quality yet affordable walk-up strapping machine.

The only place you will feel that Mosca went light on the Fusion is the price. Don’t have a budget for new equipment? Packaging Incorporated services Mosca as well. Call today and we will get that old Mosca up and running again! Head over to our strapping equipment page to check out all our equipment.

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