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Subfloor Fasteners: The Secret to Creating Squeakless Floors That Last

Subloc-ScrailCreating a squeakless floor will depend primarily upon the type and amount of construction fasteners that are used. Subfloor fasteners should be centered on floor joists every 12″ and centered every 6″ along edges that lie parallel to floor joists.  Some contractors prefer screws when installing subfloors; others opt for nails and pneumatic nail guns for quicker installation.

On one hand, nails and nail guns are faster, saving both time and money. And on the other hand, screws are stronger, with their threaded shank securing a solid connection between flooring materials and preventing the fasteners from popping out. They are also adjustable, making it easier to fix any subfloor squeaks that may occur post-construction once the materials dry and settle.

Nails or Screws? Both! Introducing SCRAIL®

So which one is best for both the contractor and the homeowner – nails or screws? We recommend a hybrid of both, known as a nail screw fastener. This combines the advantages that each has to offer; enhancing installation speed while delivering added strength and flexibility.

Hybrids can eliminate most squeaks, because they accomplish two things:

  1. Create a solid bond between the flooring and joists
  2. Allow for simple adjustments if a noise should develop

SubLoc® SCRAIL® Nail Screw Fasteners (Shop SCRAIL)

We recommend SubLoc® SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners, designed specifically for subfloor applications with a special adhesive coating developed to eliminate squeaks in subfloor applications. This adhesive also dramatically improves the holding power of SubLoc® SCRAIL® fasteners when compared to ring shank nails. Fine threads along the shank make adjustment or removal easy, should it ever become necessary. And they have the speed advantage builders require since they are collated, and designed for use in most common pneumatic nailers.

The breadth of the SCRAIL® fastener lineup makes an entire range of construction projects easier with their versatility, and can be used almost anywhere ordinary screws are used. They save time and labor costs, are easily adjusted and quickly removed, and their holding power is dramatically stronger than that of nails. When applied with a pneumatic nailer, SCRAIL® collated fasteners can be driven at a rate twice as fast as collated screws as and eight times faster than bulk screws.

The extensive line of SCRAIL® collated fasteners meets construction demands for decking, siding, crating, fencing, millwork, light gauge steel construction, and of course the SubLoc® variety for installing squeakless subflooring.

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