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Highlight Predator XS

Predator-XS-Low-Profile-Stretch-Wrapper-01Still stretch wrapping by hand, or need a new machine? It’s time to check out the Highlight Predator XS! This machine is a hot item in our online store right now because it’s a fantastic semi-automatic stretch film machine. Highlight calls it “the most advanced and reliable system available”. This machine features:

  • Select-Stretch™ quick change system with 230% and 270% fixed-gear pre-stretch
  • Automatic film cut
  • Advanced film delivery automatically adjusts to the load size and applies even film force to the load
  • Fast film feed for quick and easy film threading
  • AC motors & drivers for improved performance & reliability
  • 80″ wrapping height capacity
  • V belt drive for quiet, dependable operation

The Predator XS will wrap your product at the lowest possible cost with maximum performance.

Watch the machine in action, then find it in our online store!

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