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Top Product Categories Right Now

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Want to know what tools and supplies everyone else is interested in right now? Here are the top most-viewed categories in our online store right now.

1. Framing Nailers

One word: Paslode. That’s why this category is so popular! Everyone loves their Paslode framing nailers.

2. Hand-Held Strapping Tools

Have you tried replacing your old tensioners and sealers with their new battery-operated counterparts? We’re telling ya, it’s worth it! But you can find both versions in our store.

3. Paslode Pneumatic Parts

No matter how well you take care of your Paslode, sometimes you just need a part. We have a huge selection of them. Oh, and did we mention we’re a Paslode Certified Repair Center? If you need help, send that tool our way!

4. Machine Stretch Film

Buying stretch film is a Cynch at Packaging Incorporated! Pun intended.

5. Polyester Strapping

Have you made the switch from steel to plastic strap? We’ve got a full 5 pages of polyester strapping products for you to choose from. You’ll never be without the right strap!

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