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Totally Modular Signode Strapping Machine

Remember a couple of months ago when we introduced you to Signode’s new MOD-GPX machine?


This amazing strapping machine just keeps increasing in popularity.  Since we first introduced it, several of our customers have made the switch and are loving it!  Its user friendly design allows for lots of time and cost savings.  The MOD-GPX  simplifies maintenance and minimizes down time because your own employees can replace the modules themselves. When you buy this machine, you can take advantage of the module exchange program which includes next day replacement.  The MOD-GPX  has built-in diagnostics that make troubleshooting a breeze.  The MOD-GPX comes in both a semi-automatic or automatic and in two different chute sizes.

Contact one of our strapping experts today and we can help you decide if it’s the right machine for you.

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