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What drives today’s packaging trends?

In a recent article from Packaging World called “The eight drivers of today’s packaging trends,” Editor Anne Marie Mohan writes about the 8 current drivers of today’s and the future’s product packaging trends.

Packaging Trends

Many of the same ideas apply to the inside-the-box and outside-the-box packaging materials that we and our customers deal with.

For instance, Mohan lists “sustainability” as one of the eight drivers. That’s also a huge driver on our side of the packaging world. Products like Geami will continue to receive accolades, grow in popularity and eventually replace all unsustainable products.

Mohan also lists “Science and Technology” as a driver. This is also true across the packaging industry! As scientists discover more products that are less impactful on the environment yet still offer the level of protection you expect inside or outside the box and new machines to make using these products smart and economical, industry-wide changes will happen.

To read Mohan’s entire article, visit Packaging World.

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