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The Possibilities of Polyester Strap: An Experiment

We’d like to share a couple videos with you that might surprise you about the possibilities of polyester strap. For all of you who are skeptical about making the switch from steel to polyester strap – these are for you!

The Shake Test

This video came from a customer who was testing to see if polyester would hold up in to a shake test on the forklift. To everyone’s surprise, the steel strap used on the pallet broke and the polyester stayed intact. We can’t say that will happen every time, but it sure proves that the possibilities with PET are endless.

So why were you still using steel?

The Pavement Dump

Most people watch this video and are impressed that the strap held. After all, a load of OSB being dumped on pavement has been known to snap even some of the tougher steel straps. Now, tell those people that this was polyester strapping, and many of them think you are joking. No joke! This was low elongation, 1 ¼”, PET applied with 1700lbs of tension using some of the newest, cutting edge, polyester tooling.

There are very few legitimate reasons for a customer to use steel these days! So again we ask, why is your company still using steel strap?

Make the Switch

Have we convinced you to look into making the switch from steel to polyester? We’d love to chat more about the possibilities! Give our strapping experts a call at 800-328-6650.

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