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Advances in Edible Packaging: Have your cake & eat its packaging too!

Stonyfield Edible Packaging

As all packaging around the world continues to improve and evolve, there are many advances being made all the time in food packaging. In fact, there’s one company that wants to eliminate plastic packaging for some products all together! That’s how they, WikiFoods, created this recent sweet invention: frozen yogurt in edible packaging.

Instead of scooping frozen yogurt out of a container, WikiFoods wants you to bite into a ball of creamy froyo packed inside an edible outer rind. This outer rind is made from fruits or vegetables and can be washed, much like you would do with the outer skin of a fruit. Then, just bite into it and enjoy!

The company is currently working with Stonyfield frozen yogurt to produce yogurt balls inside strawberry, peach or coconut flavored outer shells. These froyo balls will actually be seen on some Whole Foods shelves as soon as this month! They’re currently getting packaged in a biodegradable outer box, but WikiFoods hopes to someday eliminate the outer box on all kinds of foods that can be packaged in edible packaging.

Crazy, huh? Awesome technology! Read the full story over at Wired.

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