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Gecko Gauge: The Siding Tool That’ll Change Your Life

GeckoGaugeOk, so it might not change your life, but it certainly has the power to change your workday! Gauge and install fiber-cement siding up to 48% faster with the Gecko Gauge!

It’s easy to find the right Gecko Gauge for the siding you’re working with. Each model works with a different size or type of siding, and the manufacturers of the tool, PacTool International, also offer custom-designed tools.

How does the Gecko Gauge work? The tools clamp to each siding course, making your job easier and that second set of hands not needed. Install siding by yourself easily by using the Gecko Gauge to support the next course for nailing. The Gecko Gauge quickly adjusts for popular reveals, won’t scratch the paint, and is made in America.

Check it out in action:

Convinced you need it? Shop for the Gecko Gauge in our online store.

Read more about the Gecko Gauge including specs here.

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