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Saving on Packaging: Letting Numbers Tell the Story

Saving on Packaging: Letting Numbers Tell the Story

When saving money for your business is a high priority, it’s time to re-think some things. Oftentimes, there are many components to be considered in finding money savings. Is there anywhere you could be saving on materials? Operations? Personnel? When you’re evaluating all these aspects of your business in search of money savings, we’d like to recommend you take a hard look at your packaging materials and processes.

Back in September, we shared a story about how a simple packaging review saved a global company over $6 million. Now, another large company, Energizer Holdings, has shared how a simple change in packaging benefited their whole supply chain.

Letting Numbers Tell Their Story

According to Packaging World, after reviewing how their products were packaged, Energizer Holdings found that they could reduce a blister package for men’s razors from 2 3/4 inch deep to only 1 1/2 inch deep. This simple change not only helped them use less packaging in general, but also fit more into each box, reducing paperboard usage and increasing the amount of razors they can ship per pallet. In fact, their paperboard use for this product was reduced by 55%!

Now, for many of Packaging Incorporated’s customers, there’s no control over how a product is first packaged – it’s just secondary packaging that they can change. Even so, you’d be really surprised at the seemingly simple updates and fixes we’ve found in our customers’ process or packaging materials that saved them money, without compromising the strength and integrity of their packages. Whether it’s a change in packaging materials, machinery, or packaging process, we’ve helped many of our customers find a way to reduce their bottom line.

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