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2015 Packaging Trends

Packaging Trends2015 is on our doorstep! There are many articles out there about what’s expected in 2015 across all interests and genres, and the packaging industry is no exception. In an article published on GreenerPackage.com, a site devoted to discussion on sustainable packaging, author Ian Lifshitz, Director of Sustainability at Asia Pulp & Paper Group, speculates on the top five packaging trends of 2015.

His top five packaging trends of 2015 are:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Supply chain transparency
  3. New barrier & coating technologies
  4. Emphasis on lightweight packaging
  5. Frustration-free packaging

We agree with his list! Although some of his items pertain more to product or food packaging, all of them can also pertain to secondary packaging.

Sustainability is extremely important across the entire packaging industry, and will continue to be a part of the packaging conversation even more so in 2015. Non-sustainable types of packaging will continue to be phased out.

Emphasis on lightweight packaging is also an aspect of packaging that’s extremely important for secondary packaging as well. Lighter loads cost less to ship, which can significantly impact your bottom line over time.

Frustration-free packaging can also definitely apply to secondary packaging. Especially when shipping something straight to a customer, you want it to be secure, but you don’t want the customer to need a machete to get it open.

What will 2015 bring for your packaging strategy?

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