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Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? Let’s Appreciate New Technologies

Yesterday, January 26th, was Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day. For the past couple years, this day has caused us to wonder. What is it about this old packaging technology that we appreciate? Do we still appreciate using it as a packaging technology, or do we just enjoy popping the bubbles so much that we devote a day to it?

Last year, we published a similar blog post about this topic. In it, we said:

Sure, Bubble Wrap® is a cleaner way to package if you compare it to packing peanuts, newspaper, chunks of cardboard or other miscellaneous fillers. But the truth is that when you use Bubble Wrap®, you are also using a product that takes up a lot of storage space, has bubbles that pop during shipping and is not biodegradable.

A year later, we feel the same way. There are so many options out there for packaging inside the box that are better than these large rolls of bubbles. If you haven’t yet heard of Geami, it’s time to discover it! It’s a sustainable paper packaging product that we’ve proved is amazing at protecting products inside a box.

For instance, just watch as it saves these glasses from shattering:

For this reason and others, we at Packaging Incorporated would love to rid the world of bubbles. This infographic explains:

Join Packaging Incorporated in ridding the world of plastic bubble packaging!

Ready to help us on our bubble-ridding journey? Learn more about Geami!

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