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Cynch Bundling Stretch Film: Quiet & Economical

CYNCH Bundling Stretch FilmIf you’re tired of tying packages together the old fashioned way or your current bundling stretch film is costing you too much, it’s time to take a look at CYNCH® by Packaging Incorporated.

CYNCH® was created when we took a look at the stretch film currently out there on the market. We realized that there wasn’t an adequately priced solution that was also strong enough to get the job done. Over 50 years of experience was put into the development of the CYNCH® product line. Each and every CYNCH® product is made to our specifications, using our choice of manufacturer, utilizing cutting edge technologies.

That’s why you can rely on CYNCH® bundling stretch film for all of your bundling applications. Not only is it economical, but we also made sure it was quiet enough to not disturb the whole office or distribution center.

When you buy CYNCH®, you are getting a product that you can use with confidence.

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