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5 Amazing Packaging Supplies & Tools You Should Know About

If you use packaging supplies and tools, keeping up with what’s hot isn’t always at the front of your mind if what you’re using seems to be working fine. However, in this industry, a small change or update can make a big difference! We have 5 supplies and tools that we think you should know about and try.

CYNCH® Stretch Film

CynchIf you haven’t yet heard that we at Pack Inc created our own brand of stretch film, it’s time to know! Yes, we’re going to toot our own horn for a moment. CYNCH® stretch film was born out of a love for and deep knowledge of stretch film here at Pack Inc. CYNCH® stretch film comes in a variety of affordable options to fit your stretch film needs, including machine, hand and bundling options. Find it in our online store or give us a call to learn more about it – we love to talk stretch film!

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Stretch Film Equipment

highlight-synergy.5Stretch film equipment is having a moment here at Packaging Inc. Everyone wants to jump on the equipment train because of the time and resource saving adding a machine does to your stretch film process. Our stretch film machines are selling like hotcakes! In particular, we want you to know about Highlight brand machines. These machines are low profile, fit easily in your warehouse, and are simple to run. You can have one person run a stretch wrap machine, rather than use multiple people to stretch wrap by hand.

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3” Paslode Framing Nails

Paslode-RoundriveAll framing nails were not created equal. If you want fantastic 30° strip nails, these are the ones for you! Paslode 30° Roundrive strip nails are designed to fit any clipped head strip nailer. According to Paslode, “the smooth shank nails feature paper tape collation and a full offset head to provide maximum strength and holding power.” We have to agree. If you haven’t tried these yet, now is definitely the time. Check them out in our online store!

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Ranpak PadPak LC

Inside-the-box-stillIf you follow us on social media or watch our blog, you’ll notice that we like to talk about Ranpak quite a bit. That’s a testament to its awesomeness! Ranpak paper packaging is beyond useful – it’s often a necessity in packaging. Better than many other inside-the-box packaging choices, Ranpak is ideal for so many applications. Plus, their machines are easy to use and their product is recyclable. If you have not looked at Ranpak paper packaging for your applications yet, it’s time to take a serious peek.

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Fasco Autofire Staplers

Fasco F1B 50-16These babies are amazing staplers. Automatic firing makes for a quicker job, which makes for more time for you! These feature an adjustable speed, so you can change it depending on the job at hand. The best part is, we have three models on special as part of our spring promo right now! Check them out in our online store: Fasco F1B 50-16, Fasco F1B 80-16, and Fasco F1B A11-16.

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