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Where to Get Help with Nailer & Tool Problems: Resources

Tool & Equipment TroubleshootingWe’ve all had that moment where we’re on the job and suddenly can’t get our tools to function properly. When it happens, depending on what backups you keep around, it can put a damper on (or delay) your entire day. So what do you do? Do you try to fix it yourself before sending it off to be fixed? What if your problem is something that’s easily fixed on your own?

There are several different places you can go on the web to try to find the answers to your burning questions. Chances are, if you can’t find your answer easily online, your problem is something you’ll need to send the tool in for.


Fixya.com is an online community question and answer website, and there’s a whole section devoted to nailers. Try browsing by brand or searching specifically for your model. Anyone can answer questions, so if you know your stuff and want to help others, head over to Fixya and answer some questions!


There are many people out there with knowledge of nail guns and tools, and some of those people choose to make helpful videos. There are step-by-step videos everywhere for how to clean and/or repair or troubleshoot different nailers, staplers and other tools. Just head to YouTube and type in the name and model of your tool and see what comes up!

Contractor Talk: Tools & Equipment Forum

Contractor Talk is a large forum devoted to contractors, and they talk about anything and everything related to contractor work. Of course, there’s a whole topic section devoted to tools & equipment, and many questions have been asked about tools that weren’t working correctly. Post your question at the top or search the site to see if your problem has already been addressed.


This website also offers a forum, but this one is for DIYers, not contractors. DIYers have many of the same questions as contractors, though, and the same problems with tools. Try a search on their site to see if anyone has asked about your tool issue.

The Manufacturer’s Website

Some manufacturers offer customer service for their tools, so you can call and try to find someone who can help with your issue. Paslode, for instance, offers a customer service number that you can call for “straight talk on nails, tools, codes and more.” Some manufacturers will also provide downloadable documents explaining the cleaning or troubleshooting procedure for many of their tools.

Can’t fix it yourself or need parts?

You’re in luck – unlike most other distributors, we’re able to provide parts and/or professional repair & maintenance services by our qualified crew. If you just need a part, head over to the parts section of our online store. If you need to send your tool or equipment in for repair, check our list of what we can fix here, and give us a call at 800-328-6650.

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