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How to Ship Your Laptop Using Ranpak Paper Packaging

Last week, our sales reps had to ship their laptops to our Eden Prairie location for service. When the laptops arrived for service, you could tell that each one had been packed at a UPS Store or a similar shipping service because they were all packaged completely different. The only thing each of these packages had in common was that the laptops could move freely about the box.

Inefficient Laptop Packaging

The laptops arrived at our warehouse in boxes filled with various mixtures of bubble wrap, foam sheets and packing peanuts. This arrangement probably didn’t provide the smoothest ride to our warehouse by the looks of the boxes when they arrived – they looked a little beat up. Thankfully, none of the laptops were damaged, but the packaging used was not typical for optimal protection and could have been so much more secure and efficient.

A Better Packaging Solution

When shipping the laptops back to the sales reps, we went to the packaging lab and fired up our Ranpak PadPak SR and packaged the laptops in a fan-fold kraft paper cushion and sealed the box. We gave the box a good shake and there was no movement inside the box. The laptop was secured and ready for the journey home.  The best part is that it was easy to dispense, cost effective and recyclable.

RanPak TwoRanPak OneRanPak Four

More About Ranpak PadPak SR

The Ranpak PadPak SR is an amazing paper packaging machine! It’s fast, compact and easy to use. Plus, it’s an excellent recyclable option in this eco-centric world!

According to,

PadPak SR is an extremely versatile paper packaging system that converts multi- ply kraft paper into cushioning pads for fast, efficient cushioning, blocking and bracing, and wrapping for all in-the-box packaging needs.  The converter forms the paper into a protective, shock absorbing paper pad through a patented folding and stitching process.  Four modes of operation, including pre-set lengths or footswitch, allow packers versatility during packing.  The PadPak SR is also height adjustable, rotates and can be used in a vertical or horizontal position for increased flexibility.

Think your business could benefit from this awesome machine? Give us a call and we’ll help you decide if PadPak SR is a perfect fit for you. Ready to watch the machine in action? See the demo video below!

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