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April’s Top Product Categories

When April hits in the Pack Inc online store, we definitely see some trends in what people are searching for and buying. Since April is when warmer weather is finally starting to hit, contractors and stores that supply contractors are beginning to stock up on some of the tools and equipment they’re going to need for the busy summer season, like nails, staples, and parts for their tools that aren’t working properly.

So without further ado, here are our top product categories for April.

Medium crown stapleshammerstrick-medium-crown

Yep, our most popular category in April was medium crown staples. We have a couple different options, designed to fit Paslode, Hitachi, Duo-Fast, Senco and more styles of staplers.

paslode-cordless-fan-bladePaslode cordless parts

Paslode is always one of our top-selling tool brands, so it’s no surprise that our customers are looking for parts for the Paslode cordless tools to fix them up for the upcoming spring and summer. Don’t forget, we offer repair of many of these tools if your fix doesn’t work!

paslode-air-deflectorPaslode pneumatic parts

Much like Paslode cordless parts, our Paslode pneumatic parts category is another customer favorite. We make it easy for customers to find both Paslode tools and parts, all in the same store. And as we mentioned above, we can also repair Paslode tools – in fact, we’re a Paslode Certified Repair Center.

Cynch Hybrid Stretch FilmStretch film

Need hand film? Machine film? Bundling? Stretch film machines? We’ve got it all! That’s what makes our stretch film category so popular. We’re confident you can find the right film for your application in our store. We also offer plenty of help if you aren’t sure what to choose, or would like to hear about new or improved products that could end up costing you less.

narrow-crown-staplesNarrow crown staples

Just like medium crown staples, our store has a wide selection of narrow crown staples. Whichever brand of stapler you have, you’ll find narrow crown staples to fit it in our store.


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