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Celebrate Earth Day by Switching to Earth-Friendly Packaging!

Earth Day: Earth-Friendly Packaging

Happy Earth Day from Packaging Incorporated!

On Earth Day, it’s important to think about all these ways that you already are or could be more friendly to the Earth and our environment. In the packaging industry, it’s incredibly important to think about, not only on Earth Day but year-round. Every product is packaged (and most are shipped) in some way, and this packaging leads to a large portion of our trash and recycling. As a contributor to the packaging products sent out into the world, it’s your (and our) responsibility to be mindful of the products we use.

When you’re packaging something, think to yourself: what is the end user going to do with this packaging? Can it be recycled easily? Are they likely to toss it all into the trash? How will they determine if it’s recyclable? Was this packaging made sustainably, or am I using something whose production process is unkind to the environment?

Being kind to the environment doesn’t only benefit the Earth – it may benefit your bottom line. Using sustainable products is something that you can market to appeal to the ever-growing population that’s concerned with our planet’s environmental well-being.

At Packaging Incorporated, we recommend several different sustainable products and solutions based on your application. Here’s an overview of a couple of them:

Fromm Airpad – Fromm air bubble film is curbside recyclable.
AirPouch – AirPouch film is available in biodegradable and recycled varieties.
Geami – One of our favorite paper products, Geami is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable.
Ranpak – A majority of Ranpak’s paper is either made from 100% recycled materials or has a high recycled content.

To learn more about the sustainable products we offer and how they’d work for your application, give us a call today!


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