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Don’t Renovate Without Surface Guard

Summertime is here, and so is renovation and new build season! If you’re a contractor providing homeowners or commercial property owners with top-notch renovation or new build services, make sure your customer will be a satisfied one by using Surface Guard protective films!

Surface Guard is the best way to protect surfaces and belongings during construction. Surface Guard manufactures a full line of protective film solutions that protect a variety of surfaces; anything from carpet, flooring, trim, walls, cabinetry, counter tops, appliances, and even furniture. Once applied, our protective film products work to prevent damage that may occur during the construction and renovation process.

No matter what surface there is to protect, Surface Guard makes a film perfect for the application. Renovating a building with lots of windows? There’s a film for that! Working on a home that’s full of belongings like appliances and furniture? There are films for that!

Here’s a great graphic from Surface Guard that shows all the different ways their films can be used:

Surface Guard Applications

To learn more about Surface Guard, download their product brochure or ask us how to try it today!



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