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Spray Foam & Foam-in-Place Packaging vs. Paper Packaging

Foam packaging vs. paper packaging

What’s best for your packaging application – foam or paper?

If you’re surfing the ‘net looking to purchase a new spray foam or foam-in-place packaging system or a new paper packaging system, listen up! While we at Packaging Incorporated have both types in stock and ready to ship out for you, there’s one that  we suggest more often than the other. Since our expertise lies in packaging, we thought we’d share with you our winner.

The advances made in paper packaging in the last couple of years has really made it a winner. In particular, Ranpak has become an amazing solution, and a fantastic alternative to foam-in-place packaging. Here’s why we think Ranpak paper packaging rises above foam packaging for use in most inside-the-box applications:

  1. It provides superior protection. Ranpak paper packaging is ideal for wrapping, blocking and bracing, or cushioning. It does it all! The paper is made into pads that offer superior protection to whatever’s inside the box.
  2. It’s friendly to the environment. The paper Ranpak uses is climate neutral, recyclable and renewable. To the end user, being able to recycle packaging is becoming a must. Especially in comparison to foam packaging, paper is much more environmentally friendly.
  3. It’s cost-effective. Because of the unique shape of Ranpak’s paper pads, you’ll need less packaging overall to do the job. Ranpak machinery is also simple to run and more cost-effective than the foam machinery.
  4. It’s simple. With Ranpak, there’s almost no learning curve to running the machinery. Loading, running and adjusting are all easy to learn and can be done very quickly.

Ready to find out if Ranpak is better than foam for your application? Visit our Ranpak page to learn more, watch some videos of Ranpak in action, or contact us for an in-person demo!

Check out this demo of the Ranpak FillPak TT

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