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Lock in savings on strapping by making the switch!

Switch to Polyester Strapping & Save!

Generally speaking, steel to polyester strap conversions slow down a little when steel prices are as depressed as they are today. Companies get accustomed to the lower costs, and then often feel the pinch when prices on steel start to creep back up. When steel prices start rebounding, we often see a spike in conversions to polyester.

But why wait for steel prices to climb? The benefits of switching to polyester strapping are greater than staying with steel for most applications at any time, even when steel prices are low. It can handle almost everything that steel can, all while being safer and more cost-effective.

Not convinced about how strong polyester strap is? Watch and learn.

Learn more about the different types of strapping in The Packaging Incorporated Guide to Strapping ebook.

Let’s get that polyester conversion underway today!! Contact us to get started.



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