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Need edge protection? Here’s why Formaboard™ is awesome.

Formaboard™If you’re strapping and shipping loads, you know how important edge protection is. Without it, your product could be damaged by a tight strap or a bump during shipment. Whatever’s inside your boxes is too valuable to be shipped without edge protection!

When you look for edge protection, though, the options are seemingly endless. You’ll even see six different kinds when you look at our edge protection page! How is it possible to choose the right types for your applications?

The easiest way to decide is to just give us a call! But you can also take a look at the different kinds and get an idea of how they differ. There are a few options that stand above the rest for most applications, and one of those is Formaboard™.

Why is Formaboard™ a stand-out among the competition?

  • It’s weather and condensation-resistant, so it can be used when your load needs to stand up to the elements such as humidity or sit in a refrigerator.
  • It’s lightweight, keeping your shipping costs as low as possible
  • It’s high in strength, making tight strapping worry-free
  • Need more reasons? check out the Formaboard™ brochure.


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