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Paslode All Season Framing Fuel

Paslode - All Season Framing FuelPaslode’s new All Season Framing Fuel with its enhanced reliability is ready to work immediately, so cordless tools can be used year-round. The new All-Season Framing Fuel continues working, even when the temperature drops! It works automatically with the CF325Li and includes two twist-on/twist-off adapters, making it compatible with Paslode’s CF325 and IMCT as well.

Paslode’s All-Season formula is replacing the current framing fuel in Paslode’s Fuel+Nail Combo Packs. Available in two variations – 1,000 nails with 1 fuel cell and 3,000 nails with 3 fuel cells. Fuel+Nail Combo Packs are designed to simplify the framing process from start to finish with a perfectly matched balance of fuel and nails. They will still include two fuel adapters, making them universally compatible with all Paslode cordless framing nailers.

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